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Jam maker, Berlin
Marat Nugmanov
Interested by Vegetables, dried fruit & yogurts & soft white cheese in Berlin? Theses products are sold by Fruleé in Assemblies.
Avocado Cashew Creme mit Chili
Fruchtaufstrich Mirabelle+
Cashew Creme
Cashew Creme

Yogurts & Soft white cheese

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Tibetischer Milchkefirpilz

Chocolate & Confectionery

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Fruchtbonbons Maracuja plus
Fruchtbonbons Erdbeere Plus
Fruchtbonbons Schwarze Johannisbeere Plus
Fruchtaufstrich Schwarze Johannisbeere +
Fruchtaufstrich Sanddorn+
Fruchtaufstrich Maracuja+

Condiments & preserves

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Avocado-Cashew Creme

Jams, honey, stewed fruits

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Fruchtaufstrich Sauerkirsche+
Fruchtaufstrich Himbeere+
Fruchtaufstrich Erdbeere+
Fruchtaufstrich Preiselbeere+